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January 24th, 2014

10:20 pm - Women In Horror Recognition Month is looking to raise $200 (min) for Tee-Shirts, Pins, and Stickers!
***hey everyone!**** Women In Horror Recognition Month is looking to raise $200 (min) for Tee-Shirts, Pins, and Stickers!

This year I am going to do something out of my comfort zone and kindly ask all you generous souls for donations so we can make some Women In Horror Recognition Month tee-shirts, pins, and stickers to send over to on land events and give away/share with those who make contributions online as well! Any money raised over the budget will allow for more quantity and the ability to ship swag to events in Tokyo, Australia, UK, Canada, and beyond.

Even $1 can help! If 100 people can $1 we will have met half our goal!

The reason I am not using a traditional crowd funding page for this is to reduce fee’s being taken out if the goal isn’t met and many require you ask for $500 minimum.

Every donor will get a WiHM 2014 pin, public thank you on all our media pages and plugs for any projects you have in process. (unless you decline- and want to be anonymous).

All donations over $25 will receive a free tee-shirt, pin, and sticker along with public thank you and free ad space on our blog if desired.

If I personally (Hannah Neurotica) had any funds I’d never dream of asking but I would love to see people get swag on our 5th anniversary!

Click the link here to donate:


& consider sharing this with others.

Receipts will be made public! If this fails miserably so be it. But I can't say I didn't try!

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August 4th, 2013

08:58 pm - Women Make Horror Movies!
Originally posted by hannahneurotica at Women Make Horror Movies!


Many people may not realize just how many talented ladies are making horror films - let alone where to find them. This page is a virtual 24/7 Film Festival and archive; an ever-expanding collection of horror films written and/or directed by women: short films, trailers, reels, and features.

There is no way to encapsulate/showcase every single woman working in the genre - this page is simply a sample of what comes my way or what is submitted by filmmakers themselves. Women Make Horror Films is a jumping off point, another form of networking, a way for horror fans to find new films to love and rally behind. And of course, the goal is always to entertain and inspire those who may want to venture into film making themselves.

Support from fans and the film community is what drives the production of our favorite genre films. If you see a film here you really dig consider sharing it via your social media homes, showing it to your friends, and even sending some love to the filmmakers themselves.

contact w/ questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns:


For more information & to make horror films please visit (and follow/subscribe) to:


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June 19th, 2013

06:16 pm - The Unteachable: A (mixed) Media Episode Part One: Squalor & Success by Hannah Neurotica
coverzineThe last personal zine I made to completion was Toxic Shock Girldom. I had the privilege to be the zinester-in-residance for two weeks at the Anchor Archive in Halifax, NS. It was one of the most memorable and creatively wonderful times in my life to date. During that time I ran a workshop on how to make different types of zines using only one piece of paper. That workshop resulted in my 28 page mini: Pig Girl which was a bonus zine in the middle.  The crazy thing is that Toxic Shock Girldom dealt with such intense subject matter- graphically detailed writings on sex, feminism, punk rock, and pornography. Many people thought I was so brave for writing it but for whatever reason expressing my sexuality/my self always came easy to me. That seemed to change around the time I started experiencing more symptoms of manic depression and grief.

That being said I can confidently tell you that my new zine (which will be a series), The Unteachable was hands down the most fucking difficult subject matter I have ever written about in my life. In fact, it has been done and ready to be shared for weeks but the thought of actually putting it up for sale kept getting put off due to my anxiety over the content. I will no longer let that stupid anxiety win! What I have to say may not always be beautiful, it may even be down right fucking embarrassing and shameful, but it needs to be said for me to heal and for others to know they are not alone.

So, my friends.... here it is. The first in a series of zines called The Unteachable. As a bonus it also comes with a mini zine I made called Inside Flood Water.


Themes include: bipolar/mental illness, psychiatric hospitals, death, disease, creative challenges/success, natural disasters, and many other topics that came up along the way.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

$5 for both zines
$1.50 shipping

Thank you!! <3

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January 21st, 2013

01:43 pm - Take part in Women in Horror Month 2013 & help spread the word! <3
WiHM 2013 Seal

Get the Official Women In Horror Recognition Month Pink Kiss Seal courtesy of Rue Morgue for your February event, podcast, blog series, and beyond. It's not to late ;)

Background Information

The Mission:
Every February, Women in Horror Recognition Month (WiHM) assists underrepresented female genre artists in gaining opportunities, exposure, and education through altruistic events, printed material, articles, interviews, and online support. WiHM seeks to expose and break down social constructs and miscommunication between female professionals while simultaneously educating the public about discrimination and how they can assist the female gender in reaching equality.

The Vision:
A world wherein all individuals are equally given the opportunity to create, share, and exploit their concept of life, pain, and freedom of expression.

The Organization:

The Viscera Organization is a 501(c)3 non profit organization expanding opportunities for contemporary female genre filmmakers and artists by raising awareness about the changing roles for women in the film industry.

WiHM is a service provided by the VISCERA ORGANIZATION.


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December 7th, 2012

03:33 pm - American Mary Exclusive Trailer- Behold my voice over! <3 <3

Jen and Sylvia Soska are so fucking incredible and wonderful. I cannot thank my sisters enough for allowing me to be part of their brilliant & beautiful second feature film.

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September 6th, 2012

03:50 pm - Makin' Headlines and Shit

Full article online:

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December 25th, 2010

09:57 pm

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January 28th, 2010

10:28 pm - Semi-Private Journal of.....
If you are looking to learn more about Ax Wound: Gender & The Horror GenreZINECORE Radio, Women in Horror Month (WiHM), or any of my miscellaneous art and writing please click the link or visit:



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Hearts & Butcher Knives,
Hannah xo

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